SK-3 Conservatory Grand

The SK-3 excels with an extraordinary blend of superb tone and touch that has been admired by professional pianists across the globe.

"Playing on a Shigeru piano gives the pianist access to an enormous palette of colors. Having
such a vast selection of sounds at your fingertips opens so many new possibilities. It's an
absolute joy to play on a Shigeru."

Concert Pianist

Shigeru Kawai Artist


The premier Piano of Japan

    • Length:
    • Width:
    • 6’ 2” (188 cm)
    • 5’ 1” (152 cm)
    • Weight:
    • Finish:
    • 736 lbs. (334 kg)
    • Available in Polished Ebony and
      Polished Brown Sapeli Mahogany