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Alexander Kobrin uses Shigeru Kawai Piano

Alexander Kobrin


Born in Moscow in 1980, Alexander embarked on his piano performance journey and was enrolled in the prominent Gnessin Special School of Music by the age of five, where he studied under renowned pianist Tatiana Zelikman. At age 18 Alexander was accepted at the prestigious Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory under the tutelage of the renowned Lev Naumov.

Adrean Farrugia uses Shigeru Kawai Piano

Adrean Farrugia

Jazz Pianist

Adrean Farrugia is one of Canada's most distinctive pianists and composers. Working as both a freelance performer and educator, he has been in high demand since the late 1990s and has been recognized with several rewards.

John Bongiorno Shigeru Kawai Artist

Joe Bongiorno

Solo Piano Artist

Joe Bongiorno began classical piano training as a child, but then quit when he was 11 to focus on sports. After injury curtailed his football career, Bongiorno formed a high school band, LIXX, and started to concentrate on music again.

Dr. Grace Fong

Director of Keyboard Studies

Grace Fong is an award-winning American pianist who has performed as a concerto soloist, recitalist, chamber musician, and contemporary keyboard artist on stages all over the world. She has garnered critical acclaim in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.

Dr. David Korevaar

Concert Pianist

David Korevaar is an award-winning solo pianist, chamber musician and collaborator. He began piano studies aged 6 with Sherman Storr, a former faculty member of the CU College of Music. By age 13 he was a student of Earl Wild.

Yuko Maruyama

Jazz Pianist/Composer

Japanese pianist and composer Yuko Maruyama is a graduate of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. She graduated with a masters degree and was named the Outstanding Graduate by her department for her original composition, Twighlight.

Adrean-Farrugia Shigeru Kawai Artist

“I insist on a Shigeru Kawai for my recordings, my concerts and my home. It is the only piano I want to hear my music played on.”

Adrian Farrugia

Shigeru Kawai SK-2

Scot Watkins Shigeru Kawai Artist

Dr. Scott Watkins

Associate Professor of Piano, Jacksonville Univ

US classical pianist Scott Watkins is a highly revered U.S. classical pianist. He is a graduate of The University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music where he was a Van Cliburn Scholar, studied with Bela Siki, and graduated with a degree in piano performance.

David Lanz Shigeru Kawai Artist

David Lanz

Grammy-nominated New Age Pianist

David Lanz is a platinum-selling, grammy-nominated pianist and composer. Born and bred in Seattle, Washington, Lanz now lives in Europe since 2015. He has been blessed with a lengthy professional career that is uncommon in the music business.

Earl Wild Shigeru Kawai Artist

Earl Wild

Legendary Pianist

Legendary American pianist Earl Wild displayed incredible musical talent his entire life. He was reading music at age six and studying with Selmar Janson at 12, before being placed into an accelerated program for gifted young people at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Tech.

Junko Ueno Garret Shigeru Kawai Artist

Junko Ueno Garrett

Concert Pianist

Junko Ueno Garrett is an exceptional Japanese pianist loved by audiences globally. Junko Ueno Garrett started early, playing piano at three and training at the Toho Gakuen School of Music in Tokyo with Professor Hiroshi Miura.

John Chen Shigeru Kawai Artist

John Chen

Winner 2004 Sydney International Piano Competition

Norwegian musician John Chen has always been passionate about music. Born in Oslo, he started playing the piano when he was five. A full education in music followed.

Michael Kieran Harvey Shigeru Kawai Artist

Michael Kieran Harvey

Concert Pianist

Australian pianist and composer Dr. Michael Kieran Harvey has always identified as a musician. He graduated with a PhD in musical composition and is currently undertaking a philosophy degree.

"Ever since I played a Shigeru Kawai piano for the first time years ago, I've dreamed of owning one - and now I do. Some dreams really do come true."

David Lanz

Shigeru Kawai SK-5

David Lanz Shigeru Kawai Artist
David Hicken Shigeru Kawai Artist

David Hicken

Contemporary Pianist & Composer

Born into a musical family in Shropshire, England, David Hicken was introduced to music young. He began training at the age of three with piano lessons.

George Kolasis

Expert Piano Technician

If you are looking for a truly elite, innovative and without question world-class concert quality instrument the Shigeru Kawai is in my opinion the only option.

Dave Bradshaw Jr.

Jazz Pianist

Dave Bradshaw, Jr. , a native of Lakewood, California, was first introduced to music through accordion lessons, which saw him progress to performing on the organ and piano at church at the tender age of 10.

Hyeree Roux Shigeru Kawai Artist

Hyeree Roux

Concert Pianist

In playing a Shigeru Kawai, I have a euphoric oneness with the instrument. It is so responsive that it feels like a continuation of my very self.

Diego Caetano Shigeru Kawai Artist

Diego Caetano

Shigeru Kawai Artist

Diego Caetano is a Brazilian-American pianist who has performed widely in the United States, Brazil, Chile, Europe, Asia, and Africa as a soloist and chamber musician at venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Timothy Brown Shigeru Kawai Artist

Timothy Brown

Shigeru Kawai Artist

Timothy Brown is an award-winning American composer, widely considered one of the most popular piano composers of his generation. Born in Middletown, Ohio, Brown initially studied piano and music theory with Rebecca Shoup Willhide.

Alexander Wasserman Shigeru Kawai Artist

Dr. Alexander Wasserman

Assistant Professor of Music, Reinhardt Univ

Alexander Wasserman, a Los Angeles native, is a leading chamber musician, concerto soloist and educator. After beginning formal piano studies as a child, he went on to get degrees from the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music ..

Dr. Andrew Park

Shigeru Kawai Artist

Dr. Park is a celebrated Korean-American solo pianist, chamber musician and teacher — and the First Prize winner of Joanna Hodges International Piano Competition.

Dr. Makiko Hirata

Shigeru Kawai Artist

Japanese-born, Makiko Hirata, has had an enviable musical education. She studied privately with Emiko Ito and Andrew Thomas before moving to the Juilliard Pre-College where she was a student of Herbert Stessin and Richard Fabre.

"My Shigeru SK-7 has given me a whole new level of expression, control, tone and clarity that I never dreamed was possible. I am undoubtedly a better composer and performer because of this world class instrument."

Joe Bongiorno

Shigeru Kawai SK-7

Cameron Cody Shigeru Kawai Artist

Cameron Cody

Shigeru Kawai Artist

Cameron “Cam” Cody is a native of Warner Robins, Georgia who currently resides in Houston, Texas.

William Skoog Kawai Artist

Dr. William M. Skoog

Shigeru Kawai Artist

Professor, Department of Music, Director of Choral Studies Rhodes College, Department of Music, 2000 North Parkway, Memphis, TN

Jerico Vasquesz Shigeru Kawai Artist

Jerico Vasquez

Shigeru Kawai Artist

Hailed for his “formidable and effortless playing” and “intelligent ardor and exceptionally clear and bright technique,” pianist Jerico Vasquez ...

Yan Shen Shigeru Kawai Artist

Dr. Yan Shen

Shigeru Kawai Artist

Fanfare Magazine lauded Yan Shen’s performances on her solo album, FANTASY|SONATA|ELEGY, for “bravura,” ...

David Nevue

Shigeru Kawai Artist

David Nevue is an internationally recognized pianist, composer, recording artist and "icon of the genre" ...

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